And what did we buy today?

Today I bought :) (pics are not mine)

Harman Kardon Citation 11

Yamaha B-2

Nakamichi 480

Philips CD-104

Yamaha CT-610

Philips CDR-765

CEC DD-8200 with Shure V15 type IV

Grundig Fine Arts T-903 MKII

Next :D

Oops! Almost forgot yesterdays goodie :)

So who's next with their barnyard, thrift store, graigslist etc. finds?

This was intended as a running topic for all to post and not just my
personal 'hey look at me, ain't I lucky' corner ;)

Today, when looking for a decent tuner for a friend and after deciding
there was only junk I walked away and in the corner of my eye something
shiny winked at me I just had :magnet: to get it...


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2008-10-07 5:52 pm
Well i'll share a few things I picked up - I received most things free except the Image towers I paid $200 for them.

Klipsch KG-4's - Free from a guy that fed me beer all afternoon then said oh you like stereos? I got some Klipsch's in my basement you can take away. They have 2 powered 8" 1 klipsch horn and 12" passive on back. The cab's suck but ohwell.

Dynaco PAS 3 tube preamp factory wired - got it free at the dump! working with good tubes.

Dynaco ST-70 tube power amp with EL34's - also got it at the dump working with good tubes!

Sansui AU-777A - Got it from a guy outfront of value village, mint and sounds soo clean.

1950's Westinghouse Tube shortwave/am radio(okay this costed $5). With AUX input. I used a cd player on it!!! Here it is restored and gave it to my mom for christmas! My father thought it was a 'brand new old style' radio. Lost track at 18 coats of varnish - LOL

Some nice small Advent's

Image towers made by API canada in 1986. They sound great, 4 inch air ports, cloth dome tweeter, rubber surrounds and poly cones i believe they are also stitched to the cones They most definately hit 20 hz and i'm still amazed to this day the deep bass that comes out of the rear ports.
Today I bought a Luxman L&G R 3600 E

And tonight I'm having a listen (and prolly buy as well) to
a pair of Boston Acoustics A150


Also been very useful as a husband and got the wife a
new desk and computer in the bedroom. She now has
two desks, two computers and a laptop! So no complaining
about the 20 cd players in the living room please ;)
Simple but nice find of the day.

Nakamichi receiver 2, cdplayer 4 and cassette deck 2

Just hooked them up and this does not sound bad
when played through the boston accoustics :)

Would surely give Kitarist his rock warmth for not a lot of money ;)

And daddy finally got himself a pair of reading glasses :rolleyes: Last night I was
changing some caps on a cd player and the eyestrain won from the 'I'm still young
I don't need them' voice in my head. Must admit I can now count the pores in my
fingers again :cool:


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2004-09-24 10:57 am
I reckon I got the first ever Bose (no highs, no lows....)
Found this Decca Decola radiogram (yes I know everyone loathes radiograms!) in the local auction rooms. What caught my eye was a pair of PX25s peeking through a ventilation slot (these subsequently turned out to be 100% and 105%). $30 took it home and when I opened the speaker cavity, I found this....
Now I can only imagine what 3 x 12" stiff suspension single cone wooffers would sound like in a 2 cubic foot open back enclosure, but "wide range" are not the words that spring to mind!.