And what did we buy today?

Picked up the Dayton 25W plate amp, 4ohm Goldwood 8"(for a self contained audio console project) and replacement phenolic ring tweeters for my Marantz HLM-310's. Always did love my Marantz speakers, but once I picked up and listened to some older Jensen and Oxford AlNiCos, I hear what I've been missing out on my whole life.
Nice find - and smart to grab the whole thing just to get to that lens.

Pre-pandemic, I bought an MD Rokkor-X 50mm/f1.7 from an antique shop in Seattle for $12. It passes gorgeous color to my photos and I don't even remotely mind using a manual lens.
Probably some my Dad’s old stuff he donated years ago, lol.
Still has a large format camera he can’t give away…
Fun hobby though.

I bought some sway bar end links that will be adapted to a vehicle when the weather gets a bit nicer.
A 1m, 3.5mm to 2.5mm stereo headsphone cable. Stupid 2.5mm; I wonder who thought that one up to torture all mankind; "We'll get 'em good with this!"

Kinda like that 5/8" threaded HI-Z Microphone Connector Triplett used for the probe input on a VTVM - Mmmmm that mechanical shield compression set screw connection is going to do the low range Ohms a lot of good.
It's hardly new or torture...
They used to use them on crappy microphones for dictation machines... One for the mic, the other for an on/off switch.
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A difference of 13/100 of an inch usually doesn't matter - the connections are spring loaded anyway. Worst case, you bore the hole on the old jack out but most stuff I see is quite tolerant.
Inch measurments are so imprecise for the average person that 0.138" would just round up to 0.150" anyway