And what did we buy today?

Yesterday bought a Nikon F401 for $19 from the local electronics recycler. Don't care about the body, just thought the Nikkor 50mm/f1.8 AF was worth $19 even sight unseen.

Nice find - and smart to grab the whole thing just to get to that lens.

Pre-pandemic, I bought an MD Rokkor-X 50mm/f1.7 from an antique shop in Seattle for $12. It passes gorgeous color to my photos and I don't even remotely mind using a manual lens.
Hm. I dug around over there but didn't see it. Link? Thanks!
It's this one:
C$ 16.01 21%OFF | Sound Card External Channel 5.1/7.1 Optical Audio USB Sound Card 5 Channels USB 2.0 External Sound Cards For PC Laptop Speaker
Be aware I actually haven't actually verified that it will work with the Pi and DSP, but I expect to figure it out.
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Nice find - and smart to grab the whole thing just to get to that lens.
I'm starting to try and build up some Nikkor AF FX lenses cheaply. I've been using Nikon since the 80's and have built up a whole bunch of budget lenses in MF, AF, AFS: a dog's breakfast. At some point I will splurge and buy a Nikon FX DSLR and walk away from the DX I bought 14 or so years ago.
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OK SO this is a shaggy dog tale but it has an ending.
I love second hand shops, junk shops and Op-Shops.
I always call in to a couple when I'm dong Grandpa Taxi duties picking up the 10YO from primary school.
Last week I found 35 pieces of Old Made in England Royal Albert for $70- so I bought it, this meant that we have enough crockery to do a tea party for 12 to 14 people; but we only have one tea pot. eBay beckons and I find a Small teapot cheap because it has no lid, found another seller with a singleton lid, bought both $55- posted to my door. My beloved [ SWMBO] doesn't drink tea so I think we need a matching coffee pot, OK no problem eBay again $125 to my door. Fine now we can serve all of my sisters with " good " china rather than the cracked S/H coffee mugs.
Purchasing all this means I have to re-arrange the good dresser in the dining room; OK; I take out everything and start to make it all fit back in.
It doesn't.
My beloved and I have spent an hour on the IKEA website looking at stuff and just spent $650- on some new wall hanging cupboards to keep all the pretty but unused inheritances in.
My $70- dollar bargain has therefore cost us just shy of a grand
Now we have to do at least one afternoon tea party a month I reckon
Cost $900
Knowing I have better taste than my mother>?


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How much does shellac (liquid, black, honey consistency) cost in your area?
Last time I went to Home Depot and looked at how much they were charging for a tiny little can of anything paint / finish wise, I thought they were crazy. I've got 1/2 a can of denatured alcohol and enough "shells" to make up my own stuff. They cost me $20 shipped and are probably a lifetime supply. I could have spent the better part of that 20 on a little can of something, but alas, nothing they offered lent itself to a "french polish" wood finish effort, which I'd like to try. More like "Stain, seal and finish in just one coat!" type products.

Hey I read in another forum about Cashew oil being formulated into a wood finish product - and the only place in the world you can get it is Japan and that manufacturer wont export. Sounds like a business opportunity, if you happen to live in someplace that has a big Cashew market going on. Wood finishing products are expensive! Unique and desirable ones I assume can command even more.

Oh, I also bought a $10 can of Spray Lacquer, clear.

Well, as long as I'm here, I bought $55 worth of wood from a guy at a yard sale today, a couple tall 3/4" Walnut shelf boards and a 3" X 8" X 24 piece; also some 3" thick Mahagony. He was selling these for $8 - $15 each and I'm pretty sure you wont walk out of HD with them at that price. I also took his Stanley wood plane (a new build) for $15, a smaller size than one I have already. I dont know how to use either of them...
India is THE world center for cashew processing. They waste the cashew shell oil, having no takers.
Somebody even figured out how to seal thatched roofs with it.
It is a waste product, you need to stabilize it.

The area south of Goa to Mangalore is full of cashew processors, it takes a lot of skill to remove whole cashews (they fetch best price) from the skin surrounding it.
The large cashews from Guinea and Ivory Coast areas of Africa are also shipped here, and exported back out of India, it is a popular snack in many countries.
The skin is hard, and it takes only a little extra force to break off the 'tail' of the nut.
Mostly the work is done by ladies, they sometimes take them home from the roasting plant, and bring them back after peeling.

100 grams 'Holdtite' brand shellac is 40 cents here, 200 grams is 70 cents.

Varnish is still available, the old style linseed oil and varnish stuff is gradually being replaced by one component synthetic varnish / poly urethane materials, those are available in tinted, and dull / glossy versions.
There is also a version called Danish Oil, varnish, linseed oil and thinner in equal proportions.

Exporting to the USA is finicky, and a natural product will have variation, I could look into it.
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MX Keys Mini for the coffee table.........
It was a good plan in theory. High-end back lit compact keyboard to leave on the table where I relax with on the other side of glass sliding doors away from the pregnant Mrs. Trying to connect it to the biz class HP workstation was fun. It turns out most traditional desktop PCs still don't have Bluetooth

What else did I buy, forced upgrade to desktop Bluetooth. TP-Link UB5A Bluetooth 5.0 on the way. 7 simultaneous Bluetooth connections