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and RDH and never-ended debate - is triode just pentode with neg. feedback , or is pentode just triode with pos. feedback ........

or later thing called fetron , which is maybe ( and just maybe) reason why Papa Borbely liked some arrangements , which I (as always naively searching for Graal and trying things invented by giants ) was finding as somewhat starved fet conundrum .......
Why not? Need to find a facility with a dozen solder stations or so.

Unless you live in sunny California, then you do it as we did at my buddy Dana's place...

Amp Camp:
On the extreme left, "sparky", to the right of him is Papa Pass. I'm in the yellow T-shirt.
Of course you need a "land yacht" for decor


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It was kinda funny, I'd ask friends if they wanted to come and some would just look blank and say "Why would anyone want to do that?" The rest were: "please please please let me go!" Sadly, we only had kits for 24 people, but we had food and drink for about 35

I made my excellent spaghetti sauce and we had plenty of beer and wine, and a cake to continue celebrating Papa's birthday! Same great location at the Brock farm as Speaker Camp 4 years ago where we made BOFU BIB speakers.

Pass donated most of the internal parts, and the power supplies. The Brock's and I, mostly Nelson Brock, machined the chassis' mostly from scrap aluminum. They still needed scrubbing and polishing and assembly though..
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2012-01-01 10:23 pm
You wrote: "and we had plenty of beer and wine", and later may have tutored a novice DYIer by saying "I believe this 3 K resistor should go to the Source of the Mosfet and not its Gate!" Clearly, like many diyAudiophilers, I would have loved to attend, meet Mr Pass and you all.

Happy B-day Mr. Pass