Amp Camp Amp - ACA

So pretty much a total newb here. But I did get to go to this camp, and had an amazing time. I learned a ton about introductory electronics etc, how this amp works and why, and some basic sound theory, most of this you guys all know like the back of your hand. But as my first real musical electronics project this was an amazing time, with amazing people, and coming out of it with 2 amazing amps is just straight exhilarating.

So now, Im trying to figure out how to pair speakers to this (again total beginner). Jason was saying something about this ends up being a 5 watt class a power amp, which requires high sensitivity speakers (95db+). But I'm not exactly sure what this means or how to find a good match. Any advice, or questions about the camp and my experience there?

I think this would be a good intro. THere is a thread with the Tilte EMKEN. Check it out.


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2012-01-01 10:23 pm
This sounds like a fantastic project to do, wish I could have been there!
Maybe I should do one in Europe...

jan didden

Great idea. May begin with an introductory Pre-Amp Camp, then following it with Amp camp [your choice of amp; maybe a chip] and ending it with Loudspeaker camp. The newbie DIYer will have a [complete] stereo system to enjoy.