Amp Camp Amp - ACA

:Popworm: Looky Here... Original article by Nelson Pass:
Amp Camp Amp #1

Info for Amp Camp Kit (updated by Moderators)

Here's the ORIGINAL step by step photo build guide: ACA illustrated build guide

A new Build Guide for the V1.6 Two channel Chassis in the diyAudio Store.
Amp Camp Amp V1.6 Build Guide - diyAudio Guides

The small changes of the 1.8 version.All ACA’s that have 2 channels in one chassis can be converted to Version 1.8 which only requires buying a different rear panel switch and some re-wiring of the rear panel. Amp Camp Amp V1.8 Change Information - diyAudio Guides

The link below is to a Step by step build video by Patrick Norton on his TekThing website. He makes an error in cutting out the thermal insulator and leaving the backing on. Thebacking just peels off, no cutting required:
February 2016 Patreon Build Video: Amp Camp Amp Dual Monoblocks! - YouTube

See post #1453 for a tweak to the original V1.0 circuit boards. It’s not essential but should improve the sound. This tweak has been incorporated in subsequent versions (1b & 1.5, 1.6,1.8). if you have those circuit boards or kits it's already added to the board, and the part (R15) included in the kits

An ACA thread with lots of great ideas which may or may not improve the amp to your desires:
ACA amp with premium parts

Here’s a thread discussing the kits from the DiyAudio store for V1.6 and V1.8
Amp Camp Amp Kit 1.6/1.8

And here’s the link to the kits:
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Is it ok to replace Q1 with IRFP9240 and run as source follower?

The other option is run more feedback in the final amp. I'd rather have less gain or no gain.


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I wonder why the omission of the Rsource for Q1? Unusuall to not see a .47 ohm there?

Would increase available gain as well as output impedance. Using more linear parts like SiT or SiC, may be unnecessary. Looking at the Sit 1, I believe you will see that lack of Rs. Nelson also spoke of new cascode degeneration. This could perhaps give him the loadline cancellation using SiT devices without the need for Rs, sort of like F3 trick. Just guessing, though.
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So pretty much a total newb here. But I did get to go to this camp, and had an amazing time. I learned a ton about introductory electronics etc, how this amp works and why, and some basic sound theory, most of this you guys all know like the back of your hand. But as my first real musical electronics project this was an amazing time, with amazing people, and coming out of it with 2 amazing amps is just straight exhilarating.

So now, Im trying to figure out how to pair speakers to this (again total beginner). Jason was saying something about this ends up being a 5 watt class a power amp, which requires high sensitivity speakers (95db+). But I'm not exactly sure what this means or how to find a good match. Any advice, or questions about the camp and my experience there?