zen lightenment!

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Re: zenlite input impedance

carpenter said:
Can the input buffer from the Zen 4 schematics be grafted onto the Zenlite to increase the input impedance? I want to construct a balanced version.


Yes , I do it today single ended with a IRF9610 loaded with 1.5k .
The rail is 45 volts.

I use 80k of feedback(or so) and 10k for input resistor.

It works very well(and sounds too).

projector lamp bulbs

Hey guys,

I saw some 500, 750 and 1000 watt 120 volt projector bulbs online last night. Nebraska Surplus also has some 1000 watt bulbs going for $20.00 US each. Some bulbs have a 4 pin base and a glass profile that resembles an audio tube type bulb. This could really be a fun project. I've constructed the Ax and it sounds just wonderful, but I want to try some other NP designs. Plus, the open layout of the Zenlite resembles the old tube amplifiers. I like retro.

I work up the schematic of the Zen Lite build today :drink:


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I've read and enjoyed your post several times prior to writing mine. Do you have any suggestions with setting the amp up in balanced mode? I know I can remove the caps to the speakers in balanced mode.

i´m very happy there is some interest in this simple circuits again. Hopefully the end of chipamp mania? I did not experiment with balanced mode, i build a simple SE stereo amp mainly because i wanted to make something usefull with those 2 1kW bulbs. I did no measurement and only some hours function test with music until now. I did not build a power supply until now, i recived the transformer for this last week. I will have a short trip to mexico next month and hope to find some 110V lightbulbs like Nelson specifies and some stand sockets for them overe there. If so i will take a handfull to germany and build some more Zen lite variations with them. I´m not skilled in circuit design so i hope for some development on the input buffered Zen lite in this thread!
Nice to see interest in this thread......

I hear this is a quality sounding amplifier. The fact that Nelson keeps a pair of heavy duty balanced monoblocks in his stash is quite revealing. Now, I want to experience this amplifier first hand. I'm triamping and the Ax can be switched around to run the midbass and perhaps the Zenlite can run the topend. My horns are 110 db 1w1m. The Ax is warm and clear, but, has just a littly bit of a bite. I'm wondering if the Zenlite will be a bit softer on the top? I plan to construct the bls (bosoz) as I hear it sounds liquid and so very sweet. It's that "liquid" quality that I'm striving for.

Stefano, do you have the ability to draw your schematic in balanced form? When I create a mirror image, I'm not certain what to do with R-7.

I have two 1000VA Plitron trannies w/50-0-50 volt outputs. I'm wondering how to best use these. Any ideas?

Let's have some fun,

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