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XSD Speaker Crossover and Waveguide GB


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2021-09-12 6:34 pm
Vienna, Austria
Yeah, the package is now at the customs here in Vienna, that was quick until now :)
A short question: the tweeter is currently not available here in Europe (the recent supply shortages are annoying)... only the version with back cup. Do you know if the back cup can be removed or should I wait until the end of September for a possible delivery of the "cup-less" version?
Hi Plott
I got mine from here , the European GRS dealer , also the GRS 6PR-8 woofer.
I have a hard time to get the PRV 5MR450NDY 8 Ohm version here in Europe. PRV doesn't ship to Europe , but I'm waiting until Parts Express is getting them back in stock or somebody here is willing to ship them to me to Germany from the US :cool: . At the end , I'm not in a hurry ;)
But I would be interested in how all the others are planning to design / finish the speakers . Paint job (color ?) , veneering , or using foil wrap , using MDF or solid wood ??
best regards
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Thanks for the link , but only one available now and one on backorder . I will wait for the backordered item ,
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