XMOS-based Asynchronous USB to I2S interface

I usually leave things be but sadly I did this before and others member of this forum, who read latest posts of this thread and see my lack in reply may think the truth is in there.

Firstly I notice the attitude from Altor and I want to thank you for that! That says something about the user behind the nick name!

Regarding the previous post, I may add the following:
  • I'm as much of a "vendor" as my friend Doede Douma is with his DDDAC (and his other boards), as Ian from Canada is with his beautiful made PCBs, Andrea Mori with his clocks and new apps and as many, many other members on this forum. Using the logic listed there, I wonder if all this members are DIY-ers or vendors (or maybe both...). :)
  • A knowledge that is shared is not a private one anymore.
  • Regarding paid drivers, it may become extraordinary to some extent when one's paying for it and give them free of charge to others - some of them are respected members of this forum.

@ felupeunix
The discussion was strictly related to hacking Thesycon drivers. Other informations you provide are redundant and out of context.
Obviously that I don't understand why with all this polemic when you say that you're a Linux user while we are speaking about a Windows driver...
And the last thing: I'm not a Thesycon fan but please, please buy one of their drivers (link here) and then we can speak from your experience.
Thank you!
A knowledge that is shared is not a private one anymore.
Sharing information how to extract an archive and how to change USB IDs in an INF file is nothing private, it's a common knowledge. USB IDs are commonly changed for many devices, not only for audio soundcards, and described countless times on internet.

I am absolutely not saying to go ahead and modify Thesycon drivers customized for a different device and ship them with another device publicly. But I doubt it's legally preventable to do so for a personal use. Moreover there is no protection being circumvented (unlike e.g. when breaking Bluray/DVD encryption when ripping movies), no reverse engineering either.

I wonder how the drivers are universal, in other words to what extent they are customized internally for the given paying customer (whether only functionally-unimportant vendor/product strings/trivially-changeable USB IDs, or custom features). Custom features would prevent the driver from being used properly for a different device, even if the USB IDs were modified.

Also - if no DSD is required, let's support moving from ASIO (with many useless limitations) to WASAPI Exclusive, for which the stock MS UAC2 driver (also programmed by Thesycon, for MS) is perfectly OK.
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