XMOS-based Asynchronous USB to I2S interface

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Sample rate display did not work under Linux roughly since kernel version 3.10. @Lorien fixed it September last year (see post #3252). Using firmware v6.F2 the LED output works with current Linux kernels (5.4 and 5.10 tested).

You can find firmware files on luckit.biz on the 'Support' tab. There used to be an instruction pdf also; since I cannot find it anymore, here my update notes from the last upgrade:

Start terminal session
cd "\Program Files\WaveIO\USBAudio_Driver"
dfucons revertfactory
Start TUSBAudioDfu.exe
Browse for firmware file and press start button
You need to run everything under Windows, unfortunately. 'revertfactory' is mandatory for the update to work.

Thnx Iago. When I try to download win driwer og firmware update, it seems like the links are inactive. I`ll try again later.
Any news on 768k PCM rates upgrade?

HI Lorien,

back in November 2020 you mentioned working on higher rates for the firmware, and the need to have 4x.xxxx oscilators.

Any news on that? I would happily purchase a unit with such SDA oscilattors with a beta firmware, anticipating a final release in the future.

... and I just enter in the DTL era @ theoretical level! :rolleyes:

Very, very nice work! It's like looking back in time! :)

Well designed, very impressed!

@ Sidiropa: I had a version but lowest DoP fs isn't working! Still, the main issue is with LEDs since I wanted to go further and add a display!
Got stuck along the process as it seems that I wanted more than I could chew! :)

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I'm having issues getting a tube DAC to play using the i2s output of the WaveIO. The isolated spdif works fine, but for some reason i2s won't.

I'm getting around 1.3v on the Data line when music is playing, 1.65v on bit clock and word clock, 3.3v for v in, and nothing connected to the mute (L8) on J9.

Am I missing anything? Master clock is not connected to anything. Problem could still be with the tube DAC, but I figured I'd attack the issue from both sides and ask here.
@ SonnyMarrow:

I'm getting around 1.3v on the Data line
Seems to be fine to me since the data signals aren't repetitive (with a 50/50% duty cycle).

1.65v on bit clock and word clock
Also okay! The average voltage of 1.65V is basically 3.3v/2.
If MCLK is not connected then ... I have no idea why isn't working since the I2S signals seems to be good!


  • Make sure the I2S signals after the isolator have a "square" form. You'll need a scope for this task! I saw damaged isolator chips that sourced distorted signals which, with a multimeter can be wrongly "seen" as okay.
  • See if your WaveIO isn't muted even though you mention something about that!
I hope it helps and I'm here if you need further assistance,
@ CKL: just drop me an email and you'll have it!

On another hand there's a small update on WaveIO's web page! If there's anyone interested just drop me a message using the contact form!

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Link seems not to work Lucian?

Hello all and Happy New Year!
It's my first post on this new and updated DIYaudio forum! Nice looking thing BTW, but my head is spinning around a bit to find what I'm looking for :giggle:
@ vessk0: maybe my question is weird but what you mean about "double digital conversion"? I'm having some ideas in my mind but I just want to be sure we are speaking about the same thing!

@ Doede: that link is not available anymore because it was a page built solely for Black Friday offer (2021)! If you hover your mouse over "small update" text you'll see what I mean! Anyway, feel free to PM me for clarifications! ;)

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@ vessk0: maybe my question is weird but what you mean about "double digital conversion"? I'm having some ideas in my mind but I just want to be sure we are speaking about the same thing!
Hey, I don't know if I'm correctly describing it but basically the WaveIO board will take the cleaned and reclocked digital signal from the USB output of the iFi device and also will be powered from it. Will this work bit-perfectly, what will happen to the jitter?

P.S. In short - PC via USB -> iFi iMicro iUSB3.0 via USB -> WaveIO via I2S -> Najda DSP