Why aren't there any great cone tweeters?

When a renowned speaker designer makes a statement like that, I run off and check. It's a $3k+ speaker! There's a pair in Connecticut, currently asking ~1K.
It was; AFAIK the remaining stock was bought up by KJF in the UK & they're now about £1,100 over here. I was always rather proud of the Viotti to be honest -I still run a prototype pair in my desktop system. Another set of the prototypes lurks in my parent's lounge, and I've a couple more off-site in my store -since I was responsible for the acoustic design, I hung onto a few of the test-mules. Hi-fi & not hi-fi -they tick a lot of those boxes, but they were also meant to handle the 'I just want to put some music on & not think about the gear' conditions too.

Be that as it may -I quite like what good cone tweeters can do. Since most of their work is at the bottom end of their range, the profile & extra area (assuming the coil can handle it) can bring some advantages.
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