What is SPL high and low impedance VituixCAD

I am trying to start on learning to build speakers and have chosen VituixCAD.
It ask me to fill out the drivers high and low impedance, what does that mean?


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Each scale division is 0.5 ohm, so it is 6.5 ohms.
Many thanks!!
I do know that i may not show it, but your help do mean a lot to me, I am so grateful, thanks for all your help. I also know that I may seem like I don't read half of it, but I try, it's just that English is self thought and electronic is a new wonderful universe where I do know nearly nothing!


2011-04-29 8:37 pm
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What's your native language? English takes kids here years to learn, but we grow up with it.
Can you find electronics books in your native language? Here's a good one in English.
I am so lucky that I do understand English speak fairly good but I takes some more to read it. And my grammar is so bad I wonder how anyone do understand what I am writing.
There are book in Danish but to be fair, I do not think you can find much newer then 1980 and since YouTube, Fora, Datasheets and so on is in English, do I try to learn it all in English.
Thanks for the link! I do often let the computer read out loud if I want to learn from longer texts!