What is going on with HifiEngine ?

This is where all their paranoia started a few years back.Electrotanya mirrored most of the hifiengine database.That's a hungarian site that shares his servers and ip's with some Romanian networks and that triggered both our countries being banned like 5...6 years ago.They litterally blocked all ip adresses coming from my country for many years.I had an account on hifi engine for years before that...since then I can hardly download few schematics, but for most they ask me to make a new account then they block my access after I do it from here.
Are you sure this is the reason ? It would require the removal of a watermark everywhere,
i. e. first page of each pdf. I know one owner of Elektrotanya and maybe I will ask him.

The problems are known for ages. 2015 I wrote here :

In the meantime I will not recommend HIFIENGINE any more.

Being a valuable site I do not understand their policy.
They cancel hints to other websites with useful information or better scans for a particular unit.

I have been completely banned after trying to help somebody in their "requests forum",
hinting at a readable diagram in Elektrotanya.

This happened after I contributed tons of material: service manuals, diagrams
and repair tips over the years.

Now they call me "Anonymous" or "(not verified)".

"Thanks again to as-audio for the scans": it will not happen again.

There is no particular responsible webmaster, he is really anonymus.
The site is owned by some company.

All in all a strange form of british behaviour and not adequate.
I talked about https://www.hifiengine.com/ and think I made a "lookup" at the time.

No idea what Hifiengine.info is. I tried to open some documents as example, but no
success, error "Not Found .. The requested URL / ... was not found on this server.

Have a look at https://www.hifiengine.info/copyrights.htm .

Being a member for eight years i forgot my Password, then i was lost.
Now i Am banned. This site is a joke.
Will never visit them again. I Will do my request elsewere.
I´ve had the same problem for the last few weeks:


Proxy Server/VPN Service
Sorry, but this action is not possible from cloaking services such as proxies or VPNs.

I´ve checked with my internet provider, and there is no cloacking services, and no VPNs on my machines. I managed to log in using my iPhone on 4G though. So I guess HiFiEngines log in settings are too strict now.
I did read HifiEngine's site policy page, and scrolling all the way down to "Abuse" subsection they mention using Stop Forum Spam service, so it can be worth and check if ones IP address is on their black list, link below.


My IP address is ok, but I don't have any account registered with them, I have tried some years ago but failed so have given up on them.
A quick look at their registration page it seems like new registration is currently closed for maintenance, I will give it a new try soon.