What is going on with HifiEngine ?

Just tried to set up an account and I was told:

"Please turn off your VPN to continue"

Connecting from Germany. Thing is, I don't have VPN activated.

At the end of the day I understand that preventing abuse might be quite an effort. On the other hand ... too strict an automatism makes the thing useless. At least for me in this exact use case.


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I had verizon service for years and it was never a problem to use that site.
Must be something else.

I PM'd it over at their sister site, vinylengine. some excerpts of their answers:

Unfortunately registrations are no longer possible from that Verizon IP range due to high levels of abuse. ...
Is there a workaround? ... Sorry no, not unless Verizon start responding to abuse reports.

I created an account using my t-mobile phone, but ran into the issues when logging in on my home internet (verizon):
the site will automatically delete the account on the next cron run if you tried to download from a blocked IP address. Otherwise what would be the point in blocking the IP range?
Same story here (Germany), tried to register for months, was giving me „Turn VPN off error“, even i was not using any. Now suddenly my IP is blocked. From mobile network registration is not possible.
Got a nice Yamaha CA-V1 amp as a present, but service manual/schematic is only on hifiengine, did not find any at electrotanya. :(

Would somebody would be so nice and download it for me?


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