waveguided open baffle

Here is design idea of waveguided open baffle speaker.
see attached. I plan to make cardboard prototype for 3in aura driver.


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2003-03-08 2:22 pm
When I had my big horn system, for the first time I got am idea of what large scale classical music could be like.

Yep , but you can get good performance from smaller things ( been trying to convince my lady of this fact).

You cant beat the laws of physics. If you placed the A166 in an open field there would be very little bass. However a BIG horn in the correct volume room is something to behold.

MisterTwister: the Mate Appreciation Factor on these is pretty high I reckon, because they are badass.

Bluto said:

I'm seeing it as a fairly complex build getting angles correct.

Me too - but could they be poured and molded instead of cutting them from wood at a million sharp angles?

Seems easier to mould than a standard 'enclosed' box.

Fiberglass, plastic, concrete?