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Warpspeed Optocoupler Volume Control Kit

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The parts of the kit are a matched quad of Silonex optocouplers, a Vishay/Spectrol precision potentiometer, the WarpSquid (houses 2x VCCS), and a construction manual in pdf/PowerPoint or Excel.

Two kits were initially made -one is already sold- and a 3rd kit is on the way. The attached pictures, I guess will save me a more detailed description.

More info, design considerations, and discussion are here...http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/analog-line-level/176847-warpspeed-optocoupler-volume-control.html with an article on page 1, post #3.

Also, an interactive attenuation chart in Excel is on page 4, post #38 where you can see how it fits in your system.

The price is $155 for US, $160 for Canada, and $168 for International buyers. It includes shipping/handling and Paypal fees. Please pm or email me for questions. Thanks!


  • Warpspeed Kit Pics.zip
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Hi Nick,

MSN is having connection issues so I can't quite reply to your last email. Hopefully it's resolved by tomorrow. I'll send some hi-res pics then. Didn't realize a lot of pic resolution was lost in translation from Word to pdf.

Hi Moray,

I have your payment for #4 and will try to reply to your email tomorrow too. I appreciate your trust and commitment to a 2nd kit...
Hi uA100k,

Thanks for your interest...for the benefit of others...Like I mentioned on my pm reply, I am not ready to offer a balanced version at this time. I have about 4 more unbalanced kits to offer before I'll put in some time to build a balanced version.

Assuming you'll still be interested by the time I'm ready, I've noted it to contact you once I get going on it. Will let everyone know too via this Thread.

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