VINYL will never die !

"Vinyl" is also used to distinguish from an "acetate" (i.e. lacquer) disc.
However... this "strict terminology" is only that, a technical term used in business, and in general society is only used where nervous critics and compulsive people are.
General society (IE normal people) used the common terms of records, LP's, 45s.

This whole thing is beat to death already across the internet.
I redid the riaa eq on my turntable to get
20 to 20khz frequency response from shure vm15 type 2 from 1985 and realistic lab500 direct drive table.


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Hi All,

A hundred years from now, someone will find a Doc Watson LP in the attic of an abandoned house somewhere. After looking at it for a little while, he will notice the two wiggly spiral grooves in it. From there he will be able to figure out how to design an electromechanical device to play back what's hidden in those grooves.

If the same individual finds a CD under the same circumstances, he will say: WTF is that?

(Someone said this before I did but I don't know who)




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2009-10-13 2:43 am
^ Hmmm. Not sure the CD was availlable in 1977. ;)

That said i don't get the hate about vinyl. Neither the need for pricey gear to have a good ( to very good) quality reproduction ( maybe for the cardtridge i understand but for the other parts in the chain?).

Digital, analog all have their pro and cons.

I have both in multiple format and quality and tbh, i would be very annoyed to have to make a choice between them if it was needed. And i'm not sure my digital high end chain would win...

Wiseoldtech, please stop borrowing the gear i own please! Bring it back! :)


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A Idler Drive, if chosen, but most unlike a choice for a New Comer, will be best considered like a Belt Drive, as the Idler Wheel will wear and increase inconsistencies in the speed accuracy, and a further outlay / cost to acquire an off board speed control unit might become an addition to the set up.
A worn idler wheel may cause an decrease in S/N figures, but it doesen't affect drive speed, as the wheel' diameter simply cuts off the equations.
Funny, a Dual 1000/1200/700 series from the golden era never needed any "upgrading" other than a choice of cartridge maybe.
Fully agreed! An old Dual TT in good to perfect condition even today is an amazing record reproduction machine. I literally own dozens of them ;).
Funny, a Dual 1000/1200/700 series from the golden era never needed any "upgrading" other than a choice of cartridge maybe.
Funny. This really is the origin of the term album in this context. Binders full of 45's in those days had to struggle with the new long play records - and finally, as we know, lost the struggle.

Best regards!


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2011-10-31 1:00 am
Ya, they started out selling books. Sam the Record man moved two doors down not long after the pic you posted I think. Vinyl Museum was next to it on the other side, and Music World adjacent to Sams on the south block, with Sunrise across the street and Play De Record a block north beside the strip club. Oh and Traxx another 5 minutes North. I miss those days.

Aside - If someone opened a "gramophone" store, do you think the younger generation would figure out they sold records?


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2011-10-31 1:00 am
A worn idler wheel may cause an decrease in S/N figures, but it doesen't affect drive speed, as the wheel' diameter simply cuts off the equations.
True but it does make a thump every time it goes around when you manage to knick it...

When I was a kid, I forced the platter to go backwards while it was running and took a chunk out of the pulley.
With some record players you could put the speed between say 45 and 78 and end up with neutral with the idler not touching. Then you could play that record backwards with your finger.
That would be my 1958 RCA Victor Rp-215 record changer.
Those machines had to have the "N" (neutral) setting because the idler doesn't retract when the unit was turned off, as was the case for later model machines.
We used to have Tower Records around Philly as well.
I liked that store chain, got plenty of tapes, records CDs, etc there.
But.... yes, they closed down.

Now, there's only several "mom and pop" small places around.
The one I usually go to is Pat's Records and Music, which has been in business since the 1950's around here.
The owner, Pat, passed away years ago, however his sons, particularly Bobby, has been "The Man!" that I always depended on for my records, a very personable guy that is like those "old school" small town general store types that always remembered your name.

October 2020, I had him order Dolly Parton's latest new Christmas album, "Holly Dolly Christmas" in red vinyl, it was her first LP in ages.
In fact, this past Thanksgiving, our local neighborhood parade featured him as Grand Marshall of the event.
Anything I want, Bobby will get it for me.

My one sister used to get her guitar strings from Pats, my father used to get needles for our stereo there too.
Gotta love those good old long-standing places that never seem to die.
As someone said on this thread LPs/45s were definitely not cheap in the 60s' which is why I didn't start buying until the early 70s'. My wife who is 7 years older than me has a collection of 45s' from the late 50s' into the 60s' and all are in NM condition and that includes the sleeves - what a shame it's not music I would ever listen to.

In the UK you used the words LPs or sides, no one ever used the word vinyl.

Some joker from Canada on this thread used the same garbage we hear all the time about - pops/clicks/rumble/wow. Unless you were a knuckledragger you looked after your sides and in the 70s' I was often in altered states. Rumble you get from a crap t/t not from a side, same with wow. If your going to slate something at least get the wording right.

My first set-up was very basic but I still have sides from those days that are playable, most I have replaced either from car boot sales in the early 90s'. And again yes we all know that modern LPs unless they are produced by certain record companies are actually digital sound.

Yes in the 70s' the record companies treated buyers of 'modern' music with contempt, I well remember the lines of people waiting to get into HMV on a Saturday morning to change badly warped LPs and ones with bits of vinyl pressed into the surface.

I got out of the habit of buying LPs when IMO crap like glam rock came along and then punk played by hard drug users - alcohol and smack - they couldn't play and couldn't sing so I stopped buying. Yes I missed a few good artists but not many. On another thread I started about converting my LPs into digital format many said I was missing out on new music - what new music.

If you don't produce an expensively made video to promote you music it won't get played on You Tube or any social media. If you blank the visuals and just listen to the music it tends to be crap and the women all seem to dress like 'professionals' - very sad. Just for the craic I bought a CD by Adele - bloody hell talk about loudness, I may well ask a hunter i know if he will let me use his hunting rifle and use the CD for target practice. She maybe able to sing a little but when she speaks - what a terrible whining voice she has, like so many English women, how different from Scots/Welsh and Irish women, they tend to sing their words and the same goes for French women.

The only reason I want to make digital copies of around 4-500 of my LPs and around 100 CDs is simply age. It is a lot of hassle to use an RCM and shell out for new MC cartridges and to store LPs. Yes LPs can be lovely works of art, just a few doors along from a friend lived the man who did all the YES artwork, a nice guy to talk to. but I would never encourage a young person to get into LPs unless they are going to inherit good quality playback gear and lots of well cared for LPs and 45s.

There are quality CDs being made now, so much so that you are just listening to music, so I don't give a damn which medium it is as long as I'm listening to good music.