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2012-12-16 1:33 pm

I'm waiting for my VSSA to come to complete my new amplifier. I thought about new speakers too and made a research into projects. I have a pair of XT-25Tg30-04 I would like to use. I have a pretty small room and the maximum width of speakers can be 27cm. Basically, I can't go into big speakers (they are also standing on a cupboard) so I thought about a 2-way or open baffle. I thought open baffle would be a nice idea, but one speaker is standing close to the edge of walls, and I think that would cause much more problems in open-baffle than in closed box. Am I right?

I don't need a deep bass, but a lot of space and good mids. I like rather slow-piano-keyboards sounds and I thought that small midwoofers like PL18 won't do this - I looked at Troels projects, but speakers are pretty small. I look for something about 25-30 liters. Have you ever found a project like this? I can't afford anything more than 70 euro per speaker. Or maybe an open-baffle is possible? I would like to try that one...
Is there a replacement woofer for the PL14WJ-09-08?

Also, this is very good 2-way; not a lot of bass, but really nice, natural sound.
(click around page for schematic, etc.)

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Tweeters on the bookshelf

In my last build I had similar problems where the boxes were to be on a bookshelf and close to wall. After listening to many options I found that having the tweeter in a waveguide as described by Zaph worked the best for avoiding reflection from the wall. This was the only option that had reasonable imaging and clarity. I used a scanspeak dome but the Vifa tweeter is supposed to be quite good for this.
Waveguide I think will raise up response in some range? And would need additional tweaking? I will look at that though, seems pretty interesting. Big thanks!

A wave guide solves so many problems that in my opinion, its silly not to use one. Dave Pellegrene has a 6x4" guide that will allow a 2000 cross or the 8x6 I used to cross lower to a Seas 7" poly cone that has little to no break up and a really clean low end. A simple 3.3 to 4.0 cap will hammer the response back to near normal and it takes the distortion down with it. The seas is a bit out of your budget but you can find used drivers too. Just throwing ideas out to research.

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Here is my build. The thread didn't get much of a reaction but at least it illustrates what the wave guide does and how it attaches. I hope its of use to you:

The wave guide increases dispersion to be excellent anywhere in the room and cleans up the low end of the XT25. It lifts the response 8-9db in the low and middle tweeter range making it work with a fraction of the power the unit normally needs making it really clean sounding.

Good luck with the build. The XT25 is my favorite tweeter
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