Vanguard Scout Speaker

An update . After 24 hours of run in my little Scouts have really opened up. The bass also sounds much more balanced - not so pronounced . I must say - these little Scouts are real gems. My other speakers are the Falcon Ls35a Gold Badge . If you’re a Jazz lover and the natural tonality of brass and reed instruments is important to you - these amazing little speakers are for you .
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I have my take on L3/5A’s called the Vanguard - now sold by Galion Audio as the TS Voyager.

The reviewers really like their sound. Being sealed though, they don’t have the deeper bass of the Scouts but perhaps a smoother mid range.

I’m glad that having the Scouts break in is making them smoother. Speaker suspensions, spiders, and surrounds all improve with break-in. Typically, at a minimim, 30 min of playing some music with deep bass notes. The bass extension will improve along with reduced distortion.

I have seen this effect and even have measured proof of it.