Ultimate Open Baffle Gallery

Open baffle consisting of 4 TangBand w8-2145 in parallel. Build based on ECdesigns' specifications.

Sound is very natural, high resolution. Bass is solid.

Try adding some felt to the baffle, you'll be surprised at how it reduces reflections coming of the baffle.

Even with this small baffle detail improved with the felt added. This is automotive underfelt and I covered it with speaker cloth.



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2021-07-06 6:56 am
My take at open baffles with the Philips 9710AM/01 (the Philips AD5201A "Bombardon" woofer sits in a sealed enclosure). In practice I stuff a pillow at the back of the open baffle.

The loudspeakers have 800 Ohm impedance, so are meant for OTL tube amplifiers. I use them with bi-amping and an active tube crossover (400 Hz/18 dB per octave).