open baffle

  1. K

    ob question

    Hi to all, I am planning to built an open baffle desgin using as LF DRIVE one eminence kappa pro 15LF (crossed at 300~400 hz 2ND ORDER). I would like to make it three way so for tweeter I will use my favorite visaton DSM 25ffl (crossed at about 8k to 11k 3rd order), but for the mids I am between...
  2. gainphile

    Ultimate Open Baffle Gallery

    From time to time I stumbled across really nice OB / Dipole designs. Usually I just put them in my favorites, but it may be really nice if we have an exhaustive list of OB systems out there. Post your systems too! Pics and short description. === Let me start with this really nice...
  3. Pano

    Fast, fun, Inexpensive OB project

    Thread Index Please go to posts #2500-2502 see the latest version of this project. There you will find the current baffle plans and crossover schematics. For explanations of how the crossover works, see post #1388...