Ultimate Loudspeaker

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I'd just like to point out that any 'ultimate loudspeaker' is going to need to be compared with the Orion to see if it lives up to its claim. People really do need to seek out and listen to the Orion to understand how it's not just 'more good' than the rest, it's a different kind of 'good.'
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At the moment I fancy the idea of building a "low cost" Westlake Monitor
I am looking at a Gamma 12" woofers, 15ohm, 94db, Fs 25hz, Qts 0.42
Midrange could be Fostex FF225K
Tweeter ?


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I discuss in the last weeks with a lot of people. Everybody has good ideas but I think the most use only old wine in new bottles.

Now I will go a different way.

I think the best idea will be:

1. use fullrange driver like aer, lowther, jordan in a LINE ARRAY with 8-16 driver per side. Doesnt matter what anybody say.

2. seperate Bass with Ripol (2 x 40 cm or 2 x 48 cm) x3 per side.

Maybe with DSP, we will see.

The sensity of such system will be very high. I think that such a system will be very fast, much faster then any system i know (including the acapella excalibur i heard! in germany)


Oh my...

1.) There is no spoon.

-> translated for you:

there is no ultimate speaker.


Music and more importantly the perception and interpretation- lets call it taste- is highly individual.

So you see... there is no spoon.

2.) AER and Lowther are happy.

Of course they are. You will make them rich. Because of your order they will be able to pay their bills for 6 months :D

3.) Ripol is a great System, but---- did anybody ever tell you though that Dipoles have somewhat limited max spl, atl east when compared to conventional closed or vented systems using the same drivers? This comes with the system in itself. So make sure to use MANY or better ENOUGH of em. If you don't you won't be able to match the mid and highrange.

4.) Fullrange drivers are a very cool thing. I love em. But i am afraid i dont love em enough to put them in such a potential "wanna be ultimate" speaker. Why? Simply because they do have some immanent problems. No not problems, lemme rephrase it... err ... shortcomings. Especially if you do not use additional tweeters the high freq range that the fullrange drivers will yield >10khz is at least for my understanding and experiance not "ultimate". Also many other things could be said about fullrange units in general so i wont repeat it.

Most importantly, however, is topic no 5.)

5.)Make sure you build the speaker for yourself. It only has to match your expectations. You will be the guy listening to it for a long time (i hope). So just do what YOU want and what YOU think is best for YOUR speakers.

But a good advice, no matter how happy you will be with your speakers... dont try to come here and convince others that your system is "the ultimate". Why?

Simply because there are peeps here who know their **** very well :angel:
I have an idea.
Get a dozen of this: Thiel & Partner D²50-8.
Top it of with 3 of this per side: Thiel & Partner D²30-6
Throw in an array of this: Thiel & Partner C²220-T6

I’ve heard Lowthers a while ago. I can’t say my jaw dropped to the floor, celestial choir sung and I believed in God again.

My point is, having a bunch of exotic drivers doesn’t necessarily result in an outstanding sound system. The mistake you are about to make is the mistake every newcomer makes.
I would guess that just a development of the speaker system at the level I am guessing, would take a year or 2 and enormous amount of money.
This is why I was a bit skeptical then we talked about those cabinets. BTW, in US it is customary to update on the status of the job, even if it’s not coming through.

i told you it doesn´t matter what anybody say to this project because NONE of you has experience with such a LINE.

Anyhow the first prototype are build and they are very interesting...

You are right it is not easy to handle such a Line but we can do and this a project which is NOT for DIY. You must be the producer of the driver or very close to them to modify the driver as you needed.



By the way the Diamonddriver from accuton for the Midrange costs about 10.000 Euro each....
Pardon me for asking this, but why keep posting here? I feel like, somehow, you are asking for a suggestion and return with conceited remark. If you think you could pull off an Ultimate system, I am sure people here would like to see a pic or two and some measurements. Claim to fame as they say.

Now, the other question is: what makes a speaker system an Ultimate so to speak or just plain better the other one?
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