Ultimate Loudspeaker

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Right Ed,

but this product is origin from switzerland. You can buy it in a shop.

German Physiks use it in his loudspeaker and I like this speaker.

I think MDF/HDF with Hawaphon is a better and cheaper solution then the solution from Rockport but again you have to find anybody which is able to build the cabinet.
jpetek said:

I have a nodisclosure with the builder of the Line Array. So I cannot tell you which driver we use but it is a driver very close to lowther but from germany...

An array of dual cones was the cinema standard in the German Democratic Republic. I guess I needn´t tell you the reason why.

Mabe he´s got a chance to get the lobing-free 120 dB with several rows of FALs.

Best a planar array with the 110dB Infraplanar as sub.

So, I´ll better stop "polluting" this forum with talks about speakers that belong in the "ESLs, planars, alternative technologies" forum (yes, such a forum exists here).
Ultimate bottom end

I did some work in trade once and received a Bag End ELF processor. It does a couple physics tricks, and you end up with a -3dB point at 8.0 Hz. My modest implementation has 4 Eminence Beta 10's and a Beta 10CX with an ASD:1001 compression driver in each cabinet. Commercially available cabinets were dual 18's and coaxial 10's. Bag End lost their license to the ELF technology, but It's all still available from Alembic who designed and made it.
The extra three octaves of pass band add quite a bit to most recordings. The extended low frequency channel just extends below a normal woofer. The cabinets are all sealed and tuned to 0.707, so the bass response is fast and tight. The components are cheap enough to try out as an experiment.
thats just an open baffle with ribbon tweeter, big woofers and fantasy price tag. look at www.linkwitzlab.com for something similar, probably better design (acoustic) and realistic price. its up to you to cover it in expensive veneer for this special feeling. and to have a true emulation of the speakers you mentioned, you have to throw away 145.000 dollars after you finished the linkwitz speakers ;)


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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.