Tune audio Epitome

Ok, my brain keeps on nogging me about those Tune audio Epitome... I fell in love hearing them...
Have you heard them? do you have any knowledge of their inner secrets? Parts used, etc.?
If you could, would you build them?




Maybe you need to take care of the group delay , to justify your investment!?

Maybe your girl friend will kill you, for torturing her year after year tuning your gear endlessly pleasing your egoism!?

Maybe you are completely out of your mind and lost contact to the outer world surrounding you!?

Similar results can be achieved with a much smaller and smarter LS why not!?

Maybe you are a masochist with too much money having nothing better to do!?

Maybe a ton of other reasons are fitting your shituation better who knows?

The good thing is - if you get older you'll get wiser and decisions can be made easier , less doubts about hidden unknowns in the background ...
too much money
Maybe all of your points above are true 👍🏻 🤔

The money and time though are far from it.... I am a poor carpenter with big dreams...
Did you know that the Greek guy from Tune Audio is also a carpenter from profession? I think he deserves more credit for what he achieved.
You don't get rich from this (profession)hobby, only very very few do, so we can agree that dreaming those dreams are not from gread nor ego.

And the older I get the more I love those big horns, cannot explain it