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Transformer-fed TDA8932 25W/8R mono amp kits

Hi @vitorio - yes indeed these kits are still available. Since we get the factory to pre-solder the bulk of the SMD components the monoAMP is much easier to build than the Kubelik kits which @Grarea has taken on. There are far fewer SMD components to put down, mostly you'll be soldering through-hole so if you're looking for a starter project these amps are a 'shallow end of the pool' compared to Kubelik's 'deep end'. I guess the most challenging component is the TDA8932 chip itself as regards fine soldering.

@guglielmope - a quick update. We have a revised PCB for the shunt regulator coming, we increased the surface area to help spread out the heat more but we won't know if it runs cool enough until we try it. I'll post a further update when I've experimented.