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So I had a moment of reflection. Tomorrow is Swedens National Day. Its a stretch to say it is a tradition, because we havent had it for very long and noone realy knows what we are celebrating. Its some stoked up thing from that kind of politicians that wants to revive the 18th century national romanticism I guess. If googling it its some remembrance of some dead king and some jibberish of some form of governance noone can relate to. Its not like Norway that has some real **** to celebrate, namely getting rid of Swedish governance. Anyways happy no clue all swedes, wave a little flag or something.
As far as I can tell, there's nothing to understand. A failed attempt at fueling the limited national pride.
It's much the same in all of Scandinavia.
Playing.. not spinning. Streaming..Sorcerers I too am a stranger..Moderate libation factor for me in a pub.i.e. my listening room .If I were in a pub with all of you folks I would be buying drinks all night Long for Zenmod..I cannot stop loving Iron Pre Susy. I praise thee ZenMod! it is just so lovely like Mick Jagger telling that young girl in Texas At the live El Mocambo recording at the end of mannish boy where muddy waters actually appeared..the bottom pincher ad lib. where Mick says you're so lovely it's all yours Keith .its just so lovely..made me think , Vishay thin foil input voltage divider. So lovely. I want to pinch the bottom of the thin foil but it's too small. Fantastic 1977 live recording. Anymore for me the recording is what is most fun! Thanks to you lot. And as Jim 6l6 once said at a local gathering, those who don't understand schematics, will never achieve the level of fidelity the we lot have come to know, possibly no truer words have been spoken. Peace.
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And well f'ng hell if I were in a pub. And sure I've had a few beers... All I want to talk about is battery.LiPO. the DC impedance is stupid low right? I am building off-grid west of Bolder CO. aside from my ongoing civil engineering concerns, I am self educating off grid solar and vertical wind turbine in a high altitude environment with batteries .It is my understanding that LiPO has much lower Impedance than the grid. I.e. the ability of a DC power supply to respond to the temporal demands of AC music reproduction. Am I wrong? I welcome knowledge an never take offense to being corrected. Peace
@pwayland you must be around Ned eh? Not a bad place at all for solar/wind...
I work on small scale solar for remote cameras/control systems and a little yacht work instead of full on off-grid setups but Victron controllers and LiFePO4 batteries have changed the game for me.
I'm even bidding Victron inverter/chargers and EG4 rack mount batteries for UPS systems right now. That alone provides substantially more profit than any off the shelf systems by APC or Tripp Lite. What gear are you using?
@seventenths I'm Boulder, but land in Rollinsville where I'm building off-grid. I'm south facing sloping land with, well let's just say plenty of wind rolling down the valley from Rollins Pass. I'm drawing plans to build a vertical turbine. I'm now just using 1000w solar array hooked up to my Hallmark camper which has a 200ah LiPO batt, and renogy MPPT and inverter. Still in the planning stage for my battery setup, but yes Victron will be the hardware for sure. A few pictures of the view and the construction trailer I'm reimagining. 90% upcycled building materials.
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Wonderful recording. Enjoy. JB's sound system is still probably one of best live experiences I've heard Sound Wise. I'll never forget a night on the St Vrain river in Lyons CO, where I was completely blown away by the wonderfully detailed clear, huge sound of the John Butler Trio rig! And let's just say, I've heard a few. Peace!
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