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I gave the platter some sanding and handpolish... not good enough


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Don't see much mention of speaker placement optimization, so thought it could be interesting/helpful. I have used the Wilson Audio Setup Procedure, which involves finding "Zones of Neutrality" by starting with your back against a side wall and while talking at a steady slightly loud voice you walk into the room until you hear the reverberation of your voice disappears. This marks the start, continue walking until the reverb returns, do from front wall etc. There is generally more than 1 zone in a room, but often there are limitations on where the speakers can go. Once you have marked your Zones, you lay a tape measure next to each speaker and while playing a test track, whatever song you like to use, you move the speakers 1" at a time taking notes. Then you move to 1/2" increments...........As you can imagine this method can take a looooong time, but I have attained excellent results using it.

Then I learned the MASTER Set that John Hunter(?) developed at Sumiko. By combining the WASP & MASTER Set you can nail your speaker placement in much less time. The MASTER Set doesn't really tell you where the speakers should be in reference to the side walls, which is what I use the WASP for. The other thing that I tend to do is starting with the speakers against the front wall I use an approximate toe-in.

Attached is a description someone was nice enuf to post. This individual kind of poo poos the toe-in and rake but we know better :nownow:


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I have every day as a rest day ... known as 'Keep Fit- the Irish Method'

More seriously I have been diagnosed as suffering with 'Lumbar Stenosis'. This means
that I have to be reasonably close to a bathroom and that I have quite a lot of light pain.
But having led a life of 82 years much of which was physically tough with young horses
and motorbikes which also caused both shoulders and elbows and an ankle to have badly
damaged ligaments and tendons.

Hope that all who suffer will soon be pain free
....and that ZM continues to suffer fools gladly.
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