The Pass Pub: The High-End Off Topic Thread

I have been off diy-A for a while and was trying to get my list of projects in order and sorting out parts lists and BOMs.
I was searching for forum member Mike Rothatcher and his blog, both seem to be missing. While his blog I recovered through WayBack machine,his member ID is missing from the site. What happened to mister Mike?

(Mods- Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this. If so, kindly delete this)
Dennis, Thats the really good ****. Lots of pure gold nuggets if one wants to learn a thing or two about electronic high fidelity circuits. I am going to print out exactly all of them pdf:s at work. And Take em home, and read them in cronological order. For damn sure. 😎

Well, since this is clearly the best diy hifi corner in all of the known universe: Listen to this.

Amazing 4k picture glory.
Glorious sound.
Epic music.

Enjoy, and crankit up comfortably and maximally mightily high! You should clearly feel the lovely bass attack in the air in your room and in the foundations of your favourite sofa. Harchness is always a absolute no-go pure lo fi, and badly tuned room and system territory, the hallmark of a directly un musical piece of weak shize playback system.

Or, could be a classic pure piece of **** music mix of a tone deaf studio mixer dude from the sonic lo fi hell? 🙂


Well more than enough talk, truely enjoy this diamond! 🙂

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snip from

April 11, 2023:

Dear Reno Hi Fi clients and friends:

After more than 25 years in business, Reno Hi Fi will be closing, and Mark Sammut will be retiring in spring 2024. We’ve had a great run and I believe it has truly been win-win for all parties involved. I can’t thank the audiophile community enough for all the good energy and good business over the years.

For business in 2023, things will not be changing too much. Reno Hi Fi still offers largely the same products with the same satisfaction guarantee and in-home demo program and return policies. We will always be committed to client satisfaction.

What is changing now is that we will be open Monday through Thursday from noon to 5pm, Phoenix, Arizona/mountain standard time; we will be closed Friday through Sunday. Reno Hi Fi will no longer accept trade-in items because they can take six or eight months to process. No new requests will be added to our waiting lists. The inventory will be reduced over time this year and some items will sell-out and some will not be replenished in our inventory. If there’s something you want from our inventory, please order it right away as there will be no rainchecks nor waiting lists for the future.

Pass Labs has new models scheduled to be released in the future. Reno Hi Fi will not be carrying and not consulting about future models.

I could not be more appreciative of all that Nelson Pass (The One and Only!) has done for us these last 47+ years, with Wayne Colburn; Desmond Harrington; Kent English; and my late father, Joe Sammut; and many other great people over the decades. I have been very fortunate to be surrounded by so much talent. And of course, there would be no Reno Hi Fi without our many thousands of awesome clients—Thank YOU! We’ve had a wonderful time together and now it’s my time to retire in good health and move on to life outside the audio industry.

We will be closed in November and December 2023. We will be open in Jan-Feb-Mar 2024 for the final clearance sale. After the final clearance and the last in-home demo satisfaction guarantee period, Reno Hi Fi will permanently close. The business itself and all its parts, including the customer database, will not be sold nor shared.

Very Truly Yours, Mark Sammut
Tonight I am postponing some hi fi retirement projects in favour of the recently aquired il forno. MZM, Peppenino; catch a flight, pizza in the oven very soon :)
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say, just one of many roads leading to Rome
taking in account your neck of wood
old Altec 420A (or 415A) + big Heil AMT 1

proper box, proper xover, you can go in retirement regarding spks

not HiFi by today's standards, but who cares for that, you'll cry, smile, foot-tapping all the time

edit - Altec numbers just by memory ; Biflex is crucial word, whatever number
I secured a pair of 15” 420a Biflex. Please advise on proper box and crossover. Thanks ZenMod!
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