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Well hey there 🎷🙂🎸

High Time for some musical, full range, dynamic, lush, warm and powerfully, mixed music.

This is a song, a cover, from one of my old favourites: The classic album Tango in the night album by Fleetwod Mac. I even got it on original vinyl from way, way back then. 😎

But this. This is Not for the bass shy lilly, with a weak and tired HiFi setup.

Well🙂 To be honest. This will probably make even the harchest, overly analytic, bass depleted, setups atleast somewhat sing?

Anyway. This is how to do an (in my ears and in my music system) amazing live sound mix!

So? What are we waiting for??? Lets🙂Crankit!!! The Hindley Street Country Club:

And then, the awesome original, live. What can i say? 🙂 Simply enjoy these two absolute musical diamonds:

Great song Guyri. Tomorrow is the national swedish finals of the working class folk winter sport no. 1. Bandy! Classic outdoors arenas, soccer size ice (played on natural sea ices ofc originally), great speed. Myself has actually 3 national masters medallions as a junior including a diploma for best defender;). I did read an old story about my teams first games in the 1930’s. The goalkeeper couldnt affort ice skates so they sanded the goal area. They went to the game on an open truck 50 km in minus 12 C. No worries:). Have a nice weekend everybody. Go Villa!


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Hello Jeydee and ZenMod,

ears got a little sound-attack via the Whammy...
Have to be careful - want to test Frontend 2022 (original) against my own boards and another frontend iteration from myself tonight
(I called it linestage 23X - how creative my brain / mind can be... :rofl:).
Skol / cheers
Dirk :drink:
p.s.: stajo will have some 'cool' fun