The making of: The Two Towers (a 25 driver Full Range line array)


No tapering plans (yet). The line works from floor to ceiling so there will be a somewhat natural tapering if you consider the reflection at floor/ceiling.
I've had many different visions/plans with frequency tapering or power tapering but I'm going to try without it first. Some posts by wise men here on this forum confirms the floor to ceiling line does not really need the power tapering.

My current EQ plans are digital from within JRiver Media Player (plugins), going to experiment using different types of EQ. I have a Behringer DEQ 2496 standing by for all other sources like Radio/TV. All music and HT will go trough the PC.

But, there is something in the works that might change these plans somewhat :):
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One more thing to add, stacking 130 layers of ply...

and only 2 mm difference between the 2 in height, pretty cool!
That is an impressive piece of work. That's a lot of joinery and I sincerely hope you don't end up with any wood expansion issues (as some others have reported with this type of construction).

You'll need a few hands to baby those through whatever doorway they'll have to pass. You seem to know what you're doing, however, so more power to you.
I saw that thread of yours... 4 sheets of 18 mm ply right? I used the same number of 18 mm ply sheets plus 1.5 sheet of 15 mm :D.
Originally I wanted to cover them with fiberglass mat and epoxy, like they do on boats. But after a lot of reading and browsing I figured a good coat of polyurethane would be enough. That is what is used on a few commercial speakers. I saw no further need to make them sea worthy.
I'm going to do 5 coats and after that decide if I need even more. I'm planning on covering the inner side with two coats to keep moisture out of the wooden enclosure. All that to prevent/limit expansion. I've seen a 5 mm difference in length over a few days. But the last 2 weeks it has been very stable.
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