The Holy Grail Follower Output Stage

The Build Guide and BOM are here. Attached are two files: Build-Guide.pdf and contains test file versions of the BOMs and more detailed versions of the images shown in the pdf file.

First page of Buil.d.Guide.pdf:


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Out of the US does offer tracking. The custom form for Canada is CN22.
Thanks for shipping the stuff 👍
Well, I asked about tracking when sending 1st Class outside the US. They said the Customs number will track until it leaves the USA. Then nothing.
I will post the Customs number later, just trying to get as many out the door today as I could.
I sent another 8 packages, 4 domestic and 4 outside U a few minutes ago.
My hand is tried of filling out customs forms today. The shipping department is has job openings, anyone??/
Thanks for the update Rush, yes it is tedious when it involves customs forms and multiple trips to the post office, thanks for your efforts in all of this.

Tracking is working, I suspect mine will work through to LA from you there in Florida where it will leave the US for Australia.
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