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What happens when you shim one of the feet a quarter inch? It's kinda the WD-40 of freezer fixes.

I shook it a little bit, tilted it backwards a little and the noise went away, for a while.. then it came back. The last two days it has worked like a charm... BUT. too late.

I ordered a 20 cubic foot jobbie on Sunday PM. It comes in tomorrow. The last thing I want to deal with is a broken freezer in the middle of summer.

The food in the freezer is worth a lot more than the freezer proper.

BTW, it's only 10 years old. Not so old.

If I ever get to build another house, I'm gonna install a walk in fridge and freezer... each with dual compressor systems. Fully redundant. I figure 8 x 6 feet... I'd need about 8 x 13 feet of floor space plus some room above for the cooling hardware. That plus the "Costco Room"... sort of like a passthrough between the garage and the kitchen.

My dream.

Of course, dual door (57" wide) True units would also work but would not be redundant, although much more reliable.
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When the Big One Hits.... we're barring the front door, loading, turning on the generator and gonna have a month long BBQ.

I have a vacuum bag gizmo... we use it. Very handy for sous vide.

Although I don't freeze steaks... I've found out the limit is about 2 1/2 years in a refrigerated vacuum bag. The meat is still edible but the texture changes. A year is about as long as it will last with no changes. With a bit of salt, pepper, paprika, etc... it's good for 6 months.

But that's the fridge... another story.
Well Cal, for all the pork I eat….

If you are ever out this way in the summer there is a pork producer near here. One visit to the farm in the summer should cure you of that habit, if you survive the odor.

One of the other joys is coming upon a pork producer’s loaded truck on the road. I was behind one in a single lane construction zone on a hot summer day for several miles. Had to drop back by almost a mile to be able to breathe.

Another time I was passing a loaded truck. Did you know they have good range and accuracy when they urinate on a car. Really required a thorough washing almost immediately!

So I can enjoy it when you eat them, but not for me.

BTW you do know what they eat!

Should also mention many meats do improve from aging, but that is not best done in a freezer. Could also mention there is more than meat and veggies!
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Both sound good Nezzy. I notice you didn't tell us about the stuffing nor the trussing method.
And your lack of pics? You know what we say when there are no pics...
True enough, though I think maybe pics are already in this thread. I made the stuffing by cubing up some bread and frying the cubes in a mix of olive oil and butter, in which I had browned some garlic. Blitzed the toasted bread with fresh parsley, rosemary, salt, and pepper in a food processor. Mixed all that with some pork sausage meat. (It's been a couple of years, but I think I partly fried the sausage meat first, but I honestly can't remember.

You are correct that the leg needed trussing. Tunnel boning does not leave a perfect tube of meat, so I had to tie it with twine to prevent the stuffing coming out while on the rotisserie. Also I used a "short leg", no shank, so the thin end was big enough that the rotisserie prongs caught it. I basted it with the leftover marinade every now and then. This was easter dinner a few years ago, maybe 2021 or possibly earlier. Definitely not 2020 nor 2022.
Well I went with pretty much that except I forgot the lemon zest. The marinade had a lot of lemon so it wasn't missed. The lamb was fantastic, and the pistachio stuffing was too. My mother has always hated lamb and she had 2 helpings!

The stuffing:

meat from 2 bratwurst, fried until just cooked.
6 cloves of garlic par boiled unpeeled, then cooled and peeled
1/3 c shelled pistachios, well rinsed and soaked to remove salt and skins
1 "ciabatta" roll cubed, fried in olive oil and butter
1 big handful parsley
2 stalks fresh rosemary
leaves from 2 or 3 sprigs mint
combine all in food processor, cram into boned lamb leg, tie, hope it doesn't all fall out!
So that was easter 2018. I forgot about the pistachios! Sorry Cal, I have searched my photos but I didn't take pics, likely too hungry.
I have witnessed happy pigs wandering around in fields and cleaning up spent gardens in the autumn. You can't smell them any more than any other animal. I have bought pastured pork meat from a butcher, and I can report that happy pigs taste better.
Funny, around here you certainly can smell them and the farms. Do you know how pigs cool down in the summer?
I am in a community of 1, and I have never felt more alone. My wife and daughter are 1000 Km away and I cannot be with them. Still, needs must, and it's Easter Sunday, so roasted lamb topside, Greek style garlicky lemony roasted potatoes, roasted veggies. Only set of the smoke detector 4 times.

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Happy weekend to you all.
And the topside was Easter 2020.
there is a pork producer near here.
Well Ed, I think pig farms are universally disgusting places and we too have a number of them locally. Have you noted the size of the ventilator fans used to make the inside less odoriferous?
When my honey complains that my feet stink, I just take her for a drive by one of them. Problem solved.
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