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The loudspeakers were tuned by ear and initially, over time and after many different listening impressions, it sometimes became necessary to tweak the crossover slightly.
The best sounding speakers I have built to date work to listener's satisfaction (and also mine) when tuned by ear. They are 4 way actively run speakers with separate cabinets for each section and a 4 way LR analogue crossover. When I tweak the crossover for REW to submit a flat line, I don't like the results as much I like them tweaked by the ear. I can relate and agree to your post.
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I’m in that situation now. I built a pair of speakers for the AKfest and finished them the night before the fest. I built simple crossovers with junk I had laying around and love the sound for the last 12 years.

I keep wondering if I should do full blown crossovers but not sure if they would sound any better.

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How high are you running the 15?……I have run mine all the way up to 1khz without issue……i have even put a frost order low pass on them with an 8” mid woofer………waaaaay to big a speaker but man did it sound good!
The Faital 15PR400 running up to 600 Hz and down to 80 Hz, from there the 18 inch makes the rest down.

This makes so much fun :)
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This is awesome. Can you provide some more details on the down firing 6.5inches woofers working as a sub- a fairly long single piece? These must really sound too good. And I think the midrange on the top is open baffle? Presumably the sound stage should be quite good with that.
The 4 x 6,5 inch woofers are not produced anymore, it are the Sonic 60/120 with a styrophome dome and long excusion. The Fs is about 30 Hz. I tried the dome midrange Dynaudio D54 as open baffle but did not like the results. The opening on the back is a round vent and the sound does not come out well dispersed. Beside that, the soundstage is already wide and deep but i will test it with a second backfiring planar tweeter this year.



TL line 2.jpg

subwoofer maximum.jpg
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