strange preamp

What type of preamp is this? I have never seen one wired quite like this. Its from a Baldwin organ amp I plan to convert for guitar use.


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I drew this from the actual amp, it is correct. I am unable to find a schematic.

I presumed you're drawn it, and I 'presume' it's not quite correct - there should be something (an output) connected to the second cathode, pin 8. Assuming this is hard wired? (and not a PCB) sometimes it's easy not to be able to see a connection.
I Now it makes sense, thank you for pointing that out.

I've drawn a LOT of circuits out over many years - if it doesn't make sense it's almost always because you made an error :D

In this case it didn't help the actual way you had drawn it (I usually draw it out roughly, and then rearrange it to be in a normal configuration), but it was a standard looking circuit IF there was a connection to the second cathode, and no reason for the second triode if there wasn't any connection.

The thing with drawing circuits out is you really need to know what it's going to look like before you start :D