Sony Vfet Illustrated build guide

OK, I just took a couple of pictures of my version of this great amp.
I added a "T" Plate under the Store board so I could double up on output devices (you can barely see it in the last picture.) Just paralleled the outputs after matching them, with separate grid resistors for each device. I made no other changes to accommodate the second pair per channel.
I am running at 28 volt rails and 2 volts across the .1 ohm resistor.
I think this doubles the damping factor, probably adds more feedback too.
It sounds great, one of the best sounding amps I have. (I have Mr Pass' Factory F7 to compare, among other DIY amps from the master.)

Just a note about the case. I found a cheap Nakamichi PA-7AII that had a bad channel, gutted it and built the Pass/Sony VFET inside. The heatsinks are massive. (I hope the irony is not lost, using a Stasis amp box to house a later Nelson Pass design.)
I need to wipe the old lettering off the faceplate and label it what it is: "Greatest Amp Ever" or "Pass/Sony VFET PP"



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