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Which of these images are created using AI?


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My mood was lightened this afternoon when sampling all the inspiring whatnot about D-Day 80 and our Saturday follow-up on Southsea Common, Armed Forces Day.

The Portsmouth gardeners also served:

Flowers D-Day 80 Southsea 8 June 2024.jpg

No D-Day Commemoration is complete without the RAF's Red Arrows, and this is what we were waiting for:

Red Arrows over Southsea Castle 8 June 2024.jpg

They really are red, here playing "Chicken" over Southsea Castle which was built on the orders of Henry VIII and where I go to take my astronomy snaps.

Red Arrows play Chicken 8 June 2024.jpg

A little girl asked her dad how the smoke is different colours, it's a good question.

Red Arrows Southsea 8 June 2024.jpg

Bit of a finale:

Red Arrows Smoke Southsea 8 June 2024.jpg

Enjoyed that. :)
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