Something to lighten the mood

So last December my niece Karen calls to ask if she can borrow $1000 for rent.
I said sure come by tomorrow.
Right after I hang up, my sister calls to say if Karen calls, tell you don't have any money.
Why I asked?
She wants bail money for her boyfriend so they can spend the holidays together.
Uh-huh, I see.
Next day Karen pops by and I hand her a fistful of bills.
Two hours later I get a call from the local sheriff's office.
Uncle Cal, why did you give me counterfeit money?
Well dear, I heard that you wanted to spend the holidays with your boyfriend.
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Chris, where do you find these gems?
Trade secret, bro; I have an army of meme soldiers at my fingertips.
A quad more for your amusement

Allen; at the risk of the obvious, that was in reference to the number of a previous post that I was too late to edit for distracted attention typo.


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But wait, there’s more; if you order today, we’ll send you this set of ginzu steak knives!
OK, Mac has been able to run (circles around) Windows for decades, but still..


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