RPi streamer for Qobuz?

Ok... had it playing. It just skipped sometimes. I then remembered something about cashing... adjusted that.... but then I forgot the account was old and that I made a new one. Dialed that in. Now it won't accept my account details.
Then I looked it up. There is apparently some known error where Qobuz does not allow for login to the webplayer. And you just have to wait for some time-out somewhere(server maybe). And then it works again. 2 days, some report.
Am I missing something....?

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Ok... now it works.Using Squeezer on my Android phone. The UI is a little simple... but on the other hand, everything works perfectly (y)
Thanks to all patient participant's - have not been my best day, so happy that it finally just works, and I now can end the day with lovely music before bed :giggle:
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I find neither of these solutions works nicely.
I want to be able to use both my computer or phone without having to use any additional applications that eliminate the functionality of the Streaming solutions (like suggestions, playlists etc). In many cases the step of streaming from the phone, and not casting, degrades both preserved sound quality and theoretical/technical specifications you´re paying for from the streaming provider.
It's a shame Qobuz only offers chromecast and chromecast being locked down so that RoPieeeXL cant use the protocol.

Please let me know if I'm missing something and missing out.
Qobuz asks for feedback on a yearly basis on their apps. They always ask about adding native UPnP support to their app. Hopefully they implement it someday.

While it is annoying to have to use a third-party app, it's not correct to say that, in the use case I mentioned, you are streaming from your phone. This is not correct. For me, the Pi (via I2S and SPDIF out) is feeding a DAC. The phone merely controls the player and playlist.