rock music


2019-12-28 9:16 pm
Some rock (R) / metal (M) dump:

Katatonia: Katatonia - Behind The Blood (from City Burials) - YouTube
Zak Wilde and BLS: Zakk Wylde, Black Label Society - Heart of Darkness (Official Music Video) - YouTube
Greta Van Fleet: Greta Van Fleet - Built By Nations (Audio) - YouTube
Sorceress by Opeth is superb: OPETH - Sorceress (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO) - YouTube (R/M)
Dress the dead: Circus Fleas - YouTube
Motorhead - Bomber:
Ramstein.. 1.. 2.. 3..
Buckethead and Claypool:

Does the Devin Townsend Project have it's own category.. I believe it does :)

Diamondhead No Remorse:
Megadeth Mary Jane: this is one of those varied tunes that Mustaine did early on, it's brilliant, eeerie and a favourite.
Ninju Isu - these guys are a Japanese gem -
SymphonyX Dominon (follow the baseline):
Nevermore - superb tracks, RIP the singer:
I used to weaponize a song that hat already become far too overplayed on the radio by playing it extremely loudly on a DIY guitar amp that started at 11 and went up from there. I got so sick of it, and a few others, that I haven't listened to it more than 5 times since the 70's.

This is a much more civilized version that I can listen to again.

If Deep Purple was Delta Blues... Smoke on the Water (Slide Guitar Cover) - YouTube