rock music

When I was 17 I bought a cheapo guitar and small amp off a mate.
I went into the local music store and looked for a good guitar music book.
I found a Status Quo book that had all their songs in it.
So I bought one their albums and would sit and play along with the chords to the songs.

Status Quo's Roll over lay down got me into lead guitar.
I must have played that often for about 30 years but never quite got it off to as good as Francis Rossi.

Strangely 10 years ago I just stopped playing guitar.
When I was 17 I had a Hagstrom I guitar (the plastic MOTS version) and a hacked up Stromberg Carlson PA amp running 4 X metal 6L6 tubes into 8 X 10 inch speakers. Status Quo's Pictures of Matchstick Men was on the radio, so I learned that lead riff. It hit just the right notes to be heard several houses away. Deadly in a closed concrete warehouse.

It was my "maximum impact" riff for a while. Smoke on the Water would come later.


2010-09-04 8:08 am
one of my definition of rock is: a group consisting of guitars, bass, percussion and a vocals but they can do also instrumental music without vocals.
further when reading: Rock music - Wikipedia i see that it begun with 'rock and roll' which i did not have in my mind when opening this thread more i was thinking of 60ties 70ties rock music as the starting years of the 'rock'. but i guess it would be not a problem to post here rock and roll too.

Here an example of psychedelic rock from 90ties: Korai Orom - 1995 /full album/ - YouTube
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2020-02-15 9:06 am
What is rock? I would like to leave an answer with a seven song collaboration. A five song might corner a person's preference's. Perhaps not. With more and more 'sub' genres being named. Who needs a guidelines, what? This is a rock and roll thread :cool:

Play what you think is rock. That sounds good to me.