rAudio-1 (Arch-based music player for all Raspberry Pi's)

Oups! Sorry, forgot to mention it... So here is my setup:
RPi4 -> USB (data & power) -> Khadas Toneboard

And a few screenshots.

Hope this will help.


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I am enjoyin rAudio-1
1) smooth CD playback listing to my old cd's
2) AirPlay shows the Album Art and other details.
3) Snapy interface

what i would like is a playback screen like PCP, its just that i am used to such a screen.
is there a way to mode the playback screen
1) How to remove or edit a NAS listing ? Can create but can't find remove or edit.

2) USB dac Creative Soundblaster XFi 5.1 output is very distorted. This dac works with other RPi distro (PCP/Moode/Volumio) other USB dac work with rAudio.
seems the mixer device is not found as the listing is blank.