Question about power supply rectifiers heating

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I use Schottky rectifiers all the time in linear power supplies with 50/60 Hz power transformers. Schottkys dissipate significantly less power than conventional silicon PN diodes (Power = V x I ; V is smaller with Schottkys) and Schottkys are far cheaper than the USD ~16 you'd pay for an active rectifier controller IC (e.g. LT4320) plus four MOSFETs.

For a 100 watt solid state power amplifier whose mains transformer secondaries are rated 40VAC or less, there is a wide selection of suitable Schottky rectifiers, in stock and on the shelf at Mouser and DigiKey. Because Schottkys dissipate less power, they don't heat up as much, so they don't "bake" nearby components (electrolytic filter capacitors) nearly as badly. The transformer secondary resonant circuit with Schottkys can be completely tamed by snubbing, same as PN diodes or fast recovery diodes or any others.

Image to remind you that diodes can and do heat up nearby components, even when you heatsink the diodes:


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