Pulse Power Switch

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Hi all.

I'm looking for a relay to switch an aleph 5 on and off, like Edwin Dorre used on his amp.


I talked to him, but he could't see the brand of the relay.

He says he used a 220V AC coil 16A bistable (latching Relay).

I tried to find such relay in Omron, Finder,Schrack (Tyco), but I couldn't find a bistable relay that could be changed with only one momentary button. there are several that can be changed with two momentary switches.

If anyone uses such a relay and know is brand/part # please advise.

Take a look in RS Components

I have bought these from RS before (for a friends lighting), so i know they stock them - can't give you a part number off the top of my head but they do have an excellent website and you should find them without too much trouble.


Hello PedroPO,

You can use next circuit if you can't find the special relay.
It is very simple and it's working ok.

Here is the text that I find with the enclosed circuit :

Use this circuit instead of a standard on-off switch.
Switching is very gentle.
Connect unused input pins to an appropriate logic level.
Unused output pins *MUST* be left open!.
First 'push' switches ON, another 'push' switches OFF.
You can use 1/4 watt resistors if they are metal-film type.
Any proper substitute will work for Q1, including the european TUN's. For C2, if you find the relay acts not fast enough, leave it out or change to a ceramic cap between 10 and 100nF.

Parts List:
All resistors are 1/2 Watt and 5% tolerance.
R1 = 10K
R2 = 100K
R3 = 10K
C1 = 0.1uF, Ceramic
C2 = 1uF/16V, Electrolytic
D1= 1N4001
Q1 = 2N4401 (ECG123AP, NTE123AP, etc.)
IC1 = MC4069, CMOS, Hex Inverter (MC14069)
S1 = Momentary on-switch

Best regards,
Kristijan Kljucaric


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IVe been trying to get this simple circuit working for the longest time . now you design the board grrr hehe THANKS kristian. il have to make a fw now mabey you an email that file to me or i can buy some of them bords. i would like to use a few for my amps for touch turn on switches. i found that schematic long time ago i still have there first revision. NICE..
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