PS1 Projector 5"

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hay there mate just watching your thread and i to have just got one of these psone screens as my lilliput 7" has deicied to crack it,this is all i could get hold of untill i can get a bit more funds together,now i dont know to much about these lcd screens and so i guess ill be watching to see how you go with yours but heres a question,are you going to do the vga mod or rca mod that ive been hearing about or do you know of a way that you can conect the dvd player or pc to the lcd????any way good luck with your project,check out myne if your interested its all most complete,well was untill the screen played up.......
I was thinking about buying one of these used from a buddy of mine. Was wondering if there is by any chance a plastic or plexi cover or anything to prevent the lcd from directly being scratched or if the lcd is right out in the open? (His is pretty scratched up..) Thanks for any info. And keep up the good work on the project.
theirs nothing protecting the screen, its just lcd and then the backlight, so i wouldnt recommend buying it well it does depend on how many scratches, you can always try ebay.

oh this is 4 anybody who tries dismantling this screen u gotta remove the speaker plastic mesh to the screws under it or u will break your controller board or your lcd.
ok i found my light source its a 300watt halogen, though its still not 4 sure because this thing gives off tons of heat but it also gives off tons of light.

heres a pic of the bulb.

An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.

I'll me mostlikely switchin lights though this thing gets way too hot like i can cook and egg in a pan above the light. Anybody know a bright a and cool and small but cheap light source :p
the link works fine but if not for you heres the info

Product Name: MH250/MultiTap, Sola Brand - Voted Best Ballast For It's Low Heat Producing Factor

Catalog Code: BS/MH0250MT

Description: The Sola Ballast Company Has Specially Engineered Ballasts That Produces Much Less Heat Than Any Other Maker. We Take Much Pride In Offering This Line And Assure That These Are The Highest Quality Available. Reduce Replacement Labor And Maintenance Bills By Using This Ballast.

250 Watts
Multi-Tap Metal Halide Ballast
120/208/240/277 Volts
Bulb Type 250 Watt Metal Halide/250 Watt Mercury Vapor
ISO-9001 Rated
Reduced Heat
Priced Individually
No Minimum Order Volts: 120/208/240/277 Multi-Tap
Type: Core and Coil Metal Halide
Watts: 250
Bulb Type: 250 Watt Metal Halide/250 Watt Mercury Vapor
Warranty: 5 Years From Invoice Date
Catalog Code: BS/MH0250MT
Handling: 11.50

$42.44 each


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sorry i dont know much about ballast i just happen to discover it while checking for a cheep one and thought id share it with everyone sounds like a killer deal to me but maybe im not understanding enuff about ballast.

it looks pitty small to me.

anyone know if i would need a ballast or just wire a 12v dc to a 50 Watt 12 Volt MR-16 Tungsten Halogen Bulb

3200 Lumens. 3000 Average hour life. RM2P/GU5.3 base. 24 degree flood pattern. 1-7/8 in. overall length. Bulb type: MR-16. Color temperture: 3000 K. Approximate beam spread: 24 deg.. Approximate MBCP: 2500. Dichroic reflector without lens. Accentline.


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