powerpod 740 help needed


2007-12-15 11:37 am
Hello everyone, I just purchased a powerpod 740 from ebay and it worked for about 10 minutes before it smoked then stopped working. Go figure! It appears to be the DFX board which is at fault. Can anyone forward the service manual for this unit to me?
Maybe someone could tell me where I could find parts?

Is there any way to bypass the DFX board since it is not needed in my case?

Thanks for your help!

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2007-09-25 3:30 pm
DFX Board bypass on phonic powerpod 740 plus or delux

If this is a mixer with the 2 digit LED display for the effects, and the rotating selector switch with the 'push to lock in' the effect type, then the effects board is a separate unit that attached via a miniature dip connector on it's underside. You can definately run without it by removing the 4 screws that hold it on and gently lifting it off the main mixer board assembly.

You need to ask yourself why the board toasted in the first place before just replacing it, other wise you'll end up with 2 pieces of toast with your breakfast!!

You can order parts from Phonic, and I believe they actually offer a flat rate repair service for the plus and deluxe series of powered mixers (you pay the shipping both ways.)

Contact Casey at (800) 430-7222 or [email protected] for more info.

BTW - the digital effects boards are kind of scarce right now at the repair facility - might take a while to get one

Best of luck.

Hello zeonrider,

Could you please email me the service manual too? My email address is [email protected].

Some idiot I work with blew our 740 by turning the master output on maximum. Now the only thing heard through the output is static. All four outputs are broken, and nothing appears to have popped/burned/left a visual mark on the amplifier board. The mixer board works perfectly.

I haven't yet had the chance to try to fix the amplifier with a multimeter in hand, so I have no idea what may be wrong.

Thanks in advance,


2007-09-25 3:30 pm
Contents of the Repair Kit

OK -

I was wicked bored and dug up the backup kit that I bought. Here is what the kit contains (Not responsible for typos here, and if you want feel free to post this on the DIY site)

Qty Description Placement
2 IRG4PC50W Q902 & Q905
1 2SC2655Y Q904
1 KTA1266 Q906
1 IR2153 U901
1 20SP010 NTCS1
2 KTA1281 Q903 & Q907
1 2SC1815 Q908
1 T6.3al/250v Fuse
1 HER107 D902 (Only replace this if unit won't power up after replacing all the above)