powerpod 740 help needed

Hey Bill,

This sounds exactly like the problem your PowerPod has!

Hopefully Uncle Fester (my favorite "Adams Family" charachter) can help!

Maybe these guys can exchange some dialog about the cause and how to keep it from happening again. Maybe this problem is common because one part isn't spec'd high enough.


PS unclefester hasn't been back since June 2nd, the day he got the schematic email. You might have to email him to ask for it!


2007-09-25 3:30 pm
I contacted unclefester, and he sent me the manual he had. The bad news is that this is not the manual for a 740 Deluxe. It's the manual for a 'normal' 740. I believe the manual I'm looking for will also cover the 1062 deluxe, as they share some of the internal boards, including the switching power supply I'm trying to troubleshoot. zeonRider - do you have the manual for the 740/1062 deluxe?

Hi to all !

The power amplifiers are the same of both Power Pods 740/740Deluxe.Main diference are in DFX.

Don't mix up grandmum and frogs,I, don't keep anything
I,worked with Phonic product about 7years in Service department espec. for Phonic product.
It is very hard to repair by Net.

Send me your Phonic & I'll repair full!

Regards zeoN_Rider


2007-09-25 3:30 pm
I hate to disagree with you, but I can read a schematic. The 740 doc I was sent has a primary transformer based power supply board. AC Line voltage is applied directly to this transformer. There are various windings on the low voltage side that go through full wave bridge recitifiers and are filtered to produce the low voltage power side.

The system I am looking at has TWO separate boards, one for the power supply and another for the two audio amplifiers. The power supply board is clearly an implementation of a switching power supply. No main transformer, big honking caps and inductors, and high-power FETS. The board layouts do not match the pictures or schematics in the manual, and the part identifications do not correlate at all.

The silkscreen on the power board of my unit has different connecters labelled for the 740 AND the 1062. In my case the 740 connecters are implemented and the 1062 connecter spots are empty.

The two FETs I pulled out of the power supply (labelled Q902 and Q905 on the board) are part number G4PC50W manufactured by IR. These semiconductors are commonly used in switching power supplies. The part number and component numbers are not referenced in the schematic or parts list of the 740 rev 1 or rev 2 manuals I have secured.

I exchanged emails with a guy who supplies some Phonic manuals (that I found on this forum), and he confirmed that the 740 Deluxe and 1062 Deluxe share a common base and have a diffent service manual from the 740 or 740 plus series.

I'm still just trying to get hold of the correct manual or schematic before I tear too much more out of my unit.

Thanks for your responses, I'll keep you posted as to how I do.

KP11520 said:

PS unclefester hasn't been back since June 2nd, the day he got the schematic email. You might have to email him to ask for it!

i've been around ....... just never needed to post

the schematics i got from zeonrider didn't match the boards in my powerpod 740 deluxe...... must be a different revision...... plus due to other circumstances .... i never got around to repairing it.