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Hey Auger,
Is there any chance your waveguide design methodology interacts in a useful manner with small cone drivers?
Something like the SB65WBAC25 2.5” fullranger?
I’m assuming the input hole will be so big that it’ll have no effect on the >4k hz dispersion?
Just curious!
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Hello, I have a general question and don't want to open an extra thread for it.
I'm trying my hand at FreeCad and I'm wondering how deep the waveguide depth has to be so that it is flush with the front baffle.
I'm not sure if all versions have the same depth, I'm aiming to use the one for the Bliesma T25B, which should be 6.35mm deep. What headroom do I need for the speaker sealing tape? Would a depth of 7mm be sufficient?
Some people here have already used augerpro waveguides, could they share their wisdom with me? :)

So if the surface finish is a bit lumpy, is the solution to increase the infill %?

My (outsourced) 3D printer has dropped off the phase shield, and the surface finish is not as smooth as, say, the WG148R or WG300.

PLA process? SLS or MJF nylon will not have layer lines like PLA. It leaves a sort of sandpaper feel that should be smoother than the slightly rough Visiton waveguides. Even with PLA you really shouldn't see the wire mesh, just layer lines. So I'm not sure what issue rafabro is having, or if just the look of the model in software is concerning him when it shouldn't.
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