OPA627 identification problem

Can enyone tell me is one of these OPA627AP fake? Why is the name on the right one not printed in white letters. If niether of them is fake, is there possibility they will perform different.
I got these from e-bay.



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I have also seen these chips on ebay and wondered if they were real or not.
I talked to TI and sent a copy of the posted pic to them to see what they had to say.
Here is a copy of their reply:

Hello David,

Thank you for contacting the Americas Product Information Center at TI.

I have researched the two parts that your provided, and it appears that that the part that has the below topside marking of


matches our mart marking symbol for what the topside marking should appear as on the top of the OPA627AP chip. The second chip that has the part marking of


Does not. If you did not purchase either part from an authorized TI vendor such as Digikey, Avnet, Arrow, Newark In One, or Insight, we have no way of guaranteeing either part. But the first part does appear to have the correct nomenclature for the topside marking.

If you suspect that the parts that you have are not valid, and you did not purchase from a TI vendor, please contact the vendor from which you purchased the parts from.

I hope this information is helpful and if you have any further questions please feel free to call or reply to this email.

Thank You,

Dennis Williams

Texas Instruments
Semiconductor Technical Support

I would stay away from ebay venders of expensive opamps.
I am greatful you took the time to write TI about the chips! I guess it would have been out of thequestion TI would be concerned about a trademark infringment but... at least I know my gut instinct that they were fake was right. He was selling them for half of TI's wholesale and about 30% of retail. :xeye:
Can't tell ya how bad I wished that would have been the real thing. Too bad we can't tar & feather some efake sellers!:devilr:

Well, this has got interesting.
I have also had 627's from usacaps, with both types of marking.
Given the price, I kinda assumed they were samples or surplus; listening to them certainly suggests they are genuine - definately better than RS supplied opa134s.

The comments above make me think that both pictured are fine, but that means TI don't know their own labelling:confused:

I can offer another variation, sourced from futurlec, which looks very suspect.

Markings are different again, the pin1 detent is missing, and the leads are tinned.

I have 4 from futurlec, they all have identical numbers on them.

Pic is futurlec on the left, USA Caps on the right. I have a couple in use that were sourced from Farnell, so I probably have three variations.



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The ones I got from USACaps are the same as the ones that maf_au has shown... even the same number. These look the same as some I have from RS Online 809-936 that are made in the Philippines and these don't have the pin 1 indent. All it shows that there are a lot of variations depending where they are made.

From the comments here it would seem that the one on the right in all the pics are guenuine but that contradicts what TI have said?????

Even so, both sets I have sound the same and I'd be very surprised if the RS Online are fake as their procurement requirements are very strict, right down to the packaging.

Interesting stuff.
rabbitz said:
These look the same as some I have from RS Online 809-936 that are made in the Philippines and these don't have the pin 1 indent. All it shows that there are a lot of variations depending where they are made.


I can't decide if you are talking about the left or right chip in my photo here. Can you advise please. the way you have written it, you are either talking about a variation of the USA Caps 627 without an indent, or the left hand chip, but you don't exactly say :)

I agree that there are a lot of variations. I wonder if there is any way to verify the chips electronically...