Old Soul

Old Soul was (and still is) visiting one Tubehead Family, being tasked to supply pair of Tannoy 15"

Sole present dilemma of Head of Tubeheads is what to build - more Sugary Old Soul, or less sugary LuDEF

None of them being disgraced by SissySIT :clown:

methinks that's enough confirmation of Wakooness

ZM, Happy Camper, again avoided Public Disgrace, by hair

Great, if the 2SB206s I bought used on Yahoo auctions Japan work - I'm not quite sure what I'll get there, that was a bit unclear with Google translate - if you produced boards or a kit for the Old Soul I'd be keen to give it a go.

On the wimpier numbers, is that the power dissipation and the max operating temp that matter there? Good luck with today's measuring!