My Transistors, original or copy?

I measure everything before soldering it in. A good Curve Tracer is a must!
Attachment fake 2SJ74BL and 2SK170BL. The 2SK170BLs are not sooo bad but the 2SJ74BLs are mediocre…

P.S. Recorded with U. Borgmanns Kennlinienschreiber.

The OEM audio sector is now mostly in China, as well as the LED / computer sector.
To my knowledge, CDIL does not compete there, the focus where they get a decent price, which is a good long term decision.

There is hardly any electronics production in North America which needs semicondutors in large volumes, and those customers are offering low who will bother to jump through hoops for a small order of $100k annually?

Their reported annual sales are over US$120 million, so they can afford to be choosy about their customers, a luxury in the extremely competitive North America and Far East markets.
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They smartened up in North America and are going to bring new foundries online. About time, it didn't take a genius to figure out that allowing manufacturing to leave was stupid. They focused on short term thinking and forgot all about the intangibles that bit them in the rear.

Now for other industries to figure this out. We can thank accountants for this mess, it wasn't intelligent business people.
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There was an IBM chip plant at East Fishkill, NY, but closed long back, the workers now mosttly aged pensioners...which is the valid point, you need people to operate the machines.
And the environmental requirements are tough in the USA compared to other countries, the enforcement is strict. Another challenge to address.

It will be good to se top quality work eing done in the USA.
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My point is that short term thinking kills a business. They have to give their head a shake and wake up. Eventually it kills an economy.

You can either perform for stockholders and kill the business in the long run, or at least the business it was in, or you can hold to the original purpose of the business and be successful long term while taking awareness from accountants. There is a place for accountants, but they are not business people as much as they would like to think they are. Accountants are barely aware of the intangibles, and they sure don't understand how those intangibles affect everything around them. It's like peeing in the pool, a couple (nasty) and life goes on. Once it is commonplace, you got a problem and no one does well. It is basically greed without a social conscience.
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My father was once the unit head in a small town, with only one stationery shop, and he bought some ball pen cartridges without getting at least three quotes.
The audit people objected, so he sent them a letter saying cost to send a Jeep, with driver and accounts man to next town 60 km away was so much, and he had saved money by buying local, and he said please deduct what you feel has been overpaid from my salary.
That was the end of the matter, the cartridges were 100 odd Rupees, the cost to get quotes was above 500, and after approval, somebody would have to go get them....

So, from childhood, I think accountants (and lawyers) should be advisors, not the final decision makers, they tend to make a mess in the long term, and many change jobs and get promoted before the dirty stuff hits the fan where they work.
Ultimately it is not their loss.

Stock options are not on the menu in India until 20 years of service in most companies, except for IT / start ups, or before initial offers to market. So that at least does not affect people's thinking.
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Those are not Motorola MJ15003’s. MJ15003’s look like this inside - An old aluminum 2N5631, which was the 2N version of the (at the time) Motorola house number MJ15003. Same thing, really, with routine process improvement and screened to different spec. The leads were chopped off these, so they were “expendable”.

The case you have is not anything Motorola ever used. Looks Russian. The die is a solid 200 watt type, and may in fact be comparable (only testing will tell you). Whatever they are, they are re-marked.


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